About Us

Looking Back For a Vision of The Future

In May of 1986, Excel Photo opened its doors for business. Our first location, all 7,500 sq. ft., seemed huge to us. At the time, we wondered how we would ever fill up all that space. There were only eight of us on staff with three customers!

Each of us felt that a strong commitment to quality and service would earn Excel Photo a strong niche in this competitive marketplace. It took a lot of teamwork to get through that first season, but we made it! We delivered quality products on schedule with limited equipment and staff.

Three of the original eight staff members are still with the company. We still have two of the original three founding customers…the other has retired.  Those that joined us shortly after are still with us as well. In the summer of 1997, we moved to our current, 15,000 square foot building because we’d outgrown the original space.

We’ve continued to change as technology advanced.  But one thing remains unchanged. We are committed to that same quality and service that brought us together in 1986. Just as we did then, we look to the future and a continued strong presence in the marketplace.